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What is Vedic Psychology?

Jiva Vedic Psychology is a new way of studying the mind and analyzing mental diseases, which blends eastern yogic theories with modern psychotherapy techniques.

Wisdom of the Week

It is better to have a physical sickness like a fever or diarrhea, than to be tortured by your own mind. A fever is visible - you may look feverish in your face, or your skin is hot to the touch. But when something is torturing your mind, it is not easy to see, yet the suffering is there. Mental suffering is subtle and thus difficult to get rid of.

Our Story

This holistic system is based on the world's oldest scriptures, the Vedas - revealed to the sages of India, who passed down this timeless knowledge in an unbroken chain from teacher to student for the past 5,000 years.


Not just for Unhealthy Minds

It is for Healthy Minds too! If your mind is unbalanced, learn how to balance it.

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Holistic Approach

Looking at the whole person: body, mind and consciousness.

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Getting to the Root Cause

Identify the root cause of your problem, not just the symptoms.

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Teaching You How to Fish

As the old saying goes, if you fish for a person, then you have to fish for them everyday.

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Knowledge from the Vedas

The foundation of Jiva Vedic Psychology is based on a timeless wisdom that people have been successfully.

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Meet the Team

These are the experts supporting your healing journey.

Dr. Partap Chauhan

Dr. Partap Chauhan, BAMS is a master Ayurvedic physician, pioneer of Ayurvedic Telemedicine, author, teacher, TV personality, international speaker, winner of UN World Summit Award, and Lifetime Ashoka Fellow.

Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa

Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa, PhD, is the creator of Vedic Psychology based on 40 years of studying ancient Indian knowledge systems from traditional Gurus and has facilitated the healing of people in despair.

Jessica Richmond

Jessica Richmond is a Western-educated psychotherapist that uses a person-centered approach, helping clients to actualize their full potential. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from the University of California at Davis.